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Microsoft Partner-to-Partner Readiness Assessment

This assessment is intended to help ISVs and general partners to determine their eligibility to connect with other partners within the Microsoft Partner Network ecosystem. Forging new partnerships can accelerate time to value for your customers. Please have your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID ready before you proceed.

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About the self-assessment

This self-assessment provides guidance to determine your level of partner-to-partner readiness. It is important to fill out the assessment accurately; scores will be locked in for 30 days upon completion after which applicants are eligible to re-assess their partner readiness. Higher tiers of partner readiness unlock more tools, resources, and access to the Partner Collaboration Platform.

General business

Understand your business model, partner or channel strategy, and other business functions critical to build and sustain strong, healthy partnerships.


Highlight potential and existing opportunities based on your solution's ability to address market demands.


Determine your partnering ability based on existing and prospective partnership and key components needed to cultivate those partnerships.

Partner readiness scoring

The combination of your score from the general business, opportunity, and partnering questions will generate your overall readiness rating.

Level 1: Needs Improvement

Significant enhancements such as having a well-defined partner strategy and a clear market opportunity for your solution are needed to increase your chances of building and sustaining strong partnerships.

Level 2: Fair

Moderate enhancements such as partner enablement and training and supporting capabilities are needed to increase your chances of building and sustaining strong partnerships.

Level 3: Mostly Ready

Some additional enhancements such as focused target markets and sales opportunities should be considered to increase chances of building and sustaining strong partnerships.

Level 4: Ready

You have established partner programs, training, sales enablement, and more to build and nurture strong partnerships.

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